What's your WHY?

Hello fellow creatives! Welcome to my blog and I hope you find some inspiration here. 

How exciting are monthly challenges?! Focusing on the personal nature of art-making speaks to my heart and it is a joy to participate. Dina has a great vision and I'm so happy to add my art. What a great group of inspiration, amiright? Are you ready to show your MEdia??

This month's challenge:
Create a piece of art that shares with us your “why.” 
Why do you create? What compels you?

I worked in Dina's Media Journal on a Kraft paper page. First I'll explain the process and then I'll explain the WHY. Woohoo! Let's get started!

Here's a list of supplies I used:

Scribble Sticks
Heart stamp from DW Media Homage to Frida set
DW Acrylics: Elephant, Penny, Ocean, Blushing, Umber, Night, Lime, Lemon and White
DW Media Tape
DW Stencil - Leafy
Black Acrylic Paint pen

Using the Penny paint with the Leafy stencil I created a nice shimmery background. I then placed media tape on the top and bottom of the page. Using a pencil I sketched a portrait in the middle of the page and then used the scribble sticks to outline my image and add a layer of color. I love how the scribble sticks are water soluble because then it creates a blended look. When dry I used DW paint to paint the face and the colors blend beautifully with the underpainting created with the scribble sticks. It all works together to give the face depth and life.

When I am happy with my portrait I create texture around the face with repeated dashes using various tints and tones of my favorite colors. My goal is to make it look like energy is emanating from the figure because that is how I see creativity.

Words in my art is very important. Sometimes I have alot to say and sometimes I only need to say a word. This time I had alot to say to express WHY I create and what compels me to.

The finishing touches are an enlarged hand-drawn eye that I glued on top of the face and an embellished heart from the Homage to Frida stamp set.

Now for the WHY:

To me I need to create because I like to solve visual puzzles and create things that make my eyes smile and to fill my heart with fire. I like to make things I have never seen before and see what happens. My art has to have parts of me embedded in it. I tend to have a difficult time expressing myself verbally and I find that when I work in my art journal, on a canvas or with bits of paper I communicate things I didn't realize I was feeling. 

I agree with Dina that art is personal and it will be a joy to use the monthly challenges to create more authenticity and find out more about ME! I hope you are inspired to put the ME back in your media this month with this challenge.

Happy Creating!! Remember to use the hashtags #showusyourMEdia and #rangerink when you share your work online.

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