New Room, New View

I have been silent here for the past weeks because my family and I were busy moving from New Mexico to California.  Moving is never fun and although I tried to purge as I packed up the old house I have realized as I unpack in the new house that I have waaaaaay too much stuff. And by stuff I mean tons of artsy fodder I somehow managed to pack into my little room/studio. Hey, you know what I'm talking about, right?

My new space has less space as my computer setup now shares my art making setup. I am being forced to really look at my supplies and with a critical eye decide what stays and what goes. I know I will need to be tough on myself at times. I am not looking forward to it and I am procrastinating by writing up this little blog post for you. But enough of that, time to roll up my sleeves and keep what I really use and remove the extra weight. I am sure that the lighter I feel, the easier it will be to make art that really makes my art sing. And, well, that's the whole point of it all anyways.

Thanks for being here and I'll be back soon!

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