Looking Back

In my previous life when I was Kirsten B.C. (Before Children) I worked as a graphic designer. I have a Bachelors degree from the University of Arizona in Graphic Design and Illustration. Bear Down Arizona!

As I have been packing up my studio to prepare for my family's move to another state I took some time to go through my college portfolio and it was so enjoyable to see the projects I created and relive fun memories. Here are a few of my favorites from my illustration classes:

Beethoven started out as a pen & ink drawing and was finished with watercolor.

This pen & ink drawing was of the American platform diver Laura Wilkinson who won the Olympic Gold Medal in 2000. 

Self-Portrait created from cut pieces of magazines.

This piece is created with acrylic on illustration board. Still makes me chuckle after all these years. 

Thanks for joining me on this retrospective! It's good to look back at what inspired me then because Kirsten B.C. has certainly inspired me today. 

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