It makes me HAPPY

Lately my creative endeavors have been split between two mediums. I have shared more of the mixed media artwork lately but I also enjoy handstamping and painting leather bracelets and cuffs. My texture-lovin' heart just can't get enough! :)

What started me on this leather journey was my father. He was very interested in learning leatherwork and planned to do so when he retired. He passed away before he could follow through with this desire. He had a few books and catalogs on leatherwork when he died and I decided to take them and read up on it. I felt sad that I would be unable to see him create in this medium. My father was an excellent woodworker and I have many happy memories hanging out in his shop watching him. Starting leatherwork was a way for me to feel connected with my dad.

Look at the texture! The colors! The fabulous and colorful snaps! These are several bracelets I created for my nieces and a sister-in-law. Every project comes with a new learning experience and I am enjoying the experimental stage I am in. In short, it makes me happy. And, I'd like to think, it would make my dad happy too.


  1. Those are gorgeous. I too have always wanted to give this art a go. I never throw away an old belt and pick up every one I see at a yard sale with hopes of giving it a try. Theres just not enough time in the day and funds in the bank for the rest of supplies.
    Well thats my excuse anyway. I do have a letter punch for metal n leather and a hollow brand burner thing. I just might have to take a day to myself after seeing yours and play. Great bracelets great post. You' ve lit a fire under me butt.

  2. Hello from Iowa! Loved finding your blog, and love your creations here! I'm sure your dad is proud of all you do! Keep on keepin' on!