What's on YOUR table?

Colorful and creative things are happening here in the studio and I am ignoring my chores and putting my labor force to work. Granted my "labor force" consists of four girls ages 2 to 8 so the quality and quantity of the chores actually done is questionable but I will take what I can get. A creative mama is a happy mama (and a surprise reward of movies and popcorn will keep my girls happy too).

Here's a peek of my worktable right now:

I go back and forth between my leather working and my mixed media. Keeps me engaged and helps fight off the inevitable creative block that shows up from time to time.

To me, stamping leather bracelets is a nice way to get a quick creative fix and a little stress relief. Plus, making simple pretty things with positive affirmations just makes me happy. Wear my bracelets and spread the love!

I've been rotating a half dozen projects across my work table and it's fun to see what emerges after each layer of color, scribblings and collage. Working on more than one piece at a time is great for me because it keeps the creativity going while I wait for paint to dry. :)

What is on your table right now?

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