I love technology and that's good because I have a degree in graphic design and the computer is where the bulk of my work for that is done. But I am also an Artist and that part of me craves the messy aspect of artistic creation. Mixing colors, tearing paper, folding, pushing color around. That is my center.

I took a digital illustration class in college and it was a challenge for me. It took me longer than my classmates to find my groove and even then I struggled. But after stepping back and taking what I love most about my creative process - the hands on, messy part - and adapting it to the digital requirement of the class I began to open up to the possibilities. This was back in 2000 and after 14 years there have been leaps and bounds made in technology and what it offers artists in the way of creation. I still prefer a hands on approach but once in awhile I want options and a nice juxtaposition of mediums to shake things up. I am slow to the world of digital art and have just recently bought the ArtRage app for my iPad. There is a definite learning curve for me. :)

Below is a quick piece I created to play around with composition. It feels unfinished to me and I decided to scan it and fiddle around in Photoshop with doodles. I have an older Bamboo tablet that thankfully still works with my Photoshop CS. (I don't upgrade very often. ha!) I have also done this technique in-real-life with a piece of mylar layered over my piece and a paint pen.

While it is still not finished I can see where I could take it and the options are inspiring. I have a feeling I'll be in front of the computer for quite some time tweaking my doodles and having fun. Reminds me of the hours I spent in the computer lab in college tweaking my logo assignments. Fun times!

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