I enjoy creating with paper, canvas and paint. I also enjoy learning about new-to-me art skills and genres. Over the past year I have dabbled in hand stamped leather and it makes my heart sing a happy tune. I was inspired to investigate this medium after learning that my father was looking into it as a skill he wanted to develop in his retirement. Sadly, he was taken from this earth too early for this to become a reality. While looking through his leather books I was inspired to try it out just for him and make his goal come to pass in a way.

Texture is one of my all time favorite elements to add to my artwork and leather working gave me that in a new way. My fingers just love the feel of leather and my eyes sparkle at the embossed imagery. Add in layers of dye, paint and a finish and you have something delightful!

I also like words. The way the letters look and the wonderful meanings they can convey is endless! The way they make us feel and the way they can inspire us to do anything. Who doesn't love a word (or more) of encouragement?

All these things pointed me in the direction of decorated bracelets and cuffs. Simple, classy and meaningful. The form give lots of room for creativity and experimentation. I am enjoying the journey of creation with these and it gives a nice break from my other creative word which feels refreshing.

More like these will be on their way to my etsy shop soon!


  1. These are beautiful, Kirsten! What a neat way to channel your dad's passion.

  2. These are very cool, I'll look for them in your etsy shop! I love the Be Amazing one with the orange flowers :) I also am a Mom and I know how hard it is to get time to be creative. Your husband must be a big help. Mine is coming around ? I just found your blog thru Dina paint and I'm so happy to follow you. Have a great day!