"Haven", acrylic and collage on a 5"x7" stretched canvas, 2011

When I am creating I always pay attention to the texture of the piece. I am a tactile person and when I am viewing art I always take a look from every angle to catch a glimpse of texture. The artist's brushstrokes, the built up layers, the peeling and so on. Evidence of the tactile presence of the artwork's creator. Never fails to give me chills. I get the same feeling when I'm outside and in an observant mood.  Everywhere I look I see evidence of creation. Try it sometime and perhaps inspiration will strike.

The grid texture in the background was made with drywall tape. I applied it and painted over it thinking I was going to keep it there. Well, I changed my mind and carefully peeled it off the dried paint. Some of the tape stayed on certain areas but it all added up to a cool texture. 

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