An Introduction

It's been quiet on this here blog because of my job teaching art to eager elementary students and my new gig as one of Artistcellar's design team members! I have posts over on their blog every couple weeks and it is so fun and rewarding to use fantastic products and make art for me. Here is my introduction that was posted when the team was announced. To find my other posts and to see the work of the other amazing artists on the team head on over to their blog.

My name is Kirsten (pronounce it "Curse 10") Varga and I am doing a happy dance over here about being part of Artistcellar's Design Team. I have been creating for as long as I can remember. I earned a Bachelors in Fine Art from the University of Arizona many moons ago and I worked as a graphic designer after graduation. I also worked for a local scrapbook store (LSS, if you will) and I enjoyed smelling all the gorgeous papers and teaching design classes to lovely ladies. It was one of the best jobs.  I have also worked in custom invitations and that was super fun and challenging too. When my sweet children started appearing I stayed home with them and tried to keep the creativity alive by puttering around in my creative cave (as my husband calls it).

Now that my daughters are 10, 8, 6 and 4 I am dipping my toe back into the workforce. Currently I am working part-time as the art teacher at an elementary charter school and I am enjoying it so so much. Just the other day I blew some Kindergarteners minds by mixing yellow and blue together. Pure magic people. If I was paid by hugs from my students I would be a millionaire.

Messing around with art supplies is super fun and I look forward to sharing my shenanigans with you. Paper is my very favorite medium followed by acrylics and pen & ink. I like making books and working on canvas or wood panels. Mixing mediums is my jam and texture makes my heart sing.

I made some notebooks awhile back for a different project and had some leftovers from when I trimmed them down. The scraps were the perfect size for pocket size jotter type notebook. Despite knowing what I wanted them to become they sat on my desk waiting to inspiration to strike. How would I decorate them? When I saw Artistcellar's pocket stencils I knew I had to use them on my mini jotters! The inspirational words are the best size for little masterpieces.

I started by adding Dina Wakley's acrylic paint with a brayer onto the cover. After that dried I used white paint for the word stencil and applied it with my finger. Weeeee! After that dried I grabbed the Sacred Heart series and used them to add "sunshine" type lines radiating from the words. I needed to reapply the white paint onto the words so it would pop more. Finally I grabbed some colorful embroidery floss and did a simple three hole pamphlet stitch to keep the book together.

Woohoo! Beautiful notebooks I would be proud to give as gifts (or keep for myself, hee hee!).

I look forward to sharing more of my artsy adventures with Artistcellar stencils with you.

If you are interested you can find me here:



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