Adding COLOR

For Christmas I received this gorgeous set of watercolors. I must say that I gained an inordinate amount of pleasure from unwrapping each little half-pan and then carefully labeling them with the name of the color contained therein. When that was finished I felt like doing a mic drop. 


Watercolor is a fairly new medium for me. I am especially looking forward to experimenting with adding color to my pen and ink drawings.

First up are these sweet Ladies:

These were drawn on watercolor paper with my Pigma Micron pens which have archival and waterproof pigment ink. Check back soon to see them in all their watercolor splendor!

ps. One of my Illustration professors taught us to always scan our drawings before we added color. It's such a great idea because it gives you options. You can print however many you want and play around with different colors, etc. Them professors sure are smart! :)

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