After a particularly challenging drawing course in college I broke through some artistic challenges and gained a love of portraits. When I finally drew a self-portrait that actually looked like me I was thrilled! I continue to find faces intriguing and inspiring.

Last week I attended Art Unraveled in Phoenix and it was AMAZING. Two of the classes I took were about drawing/painting faces. I have wanted to get back into the groove of portraits and I was looking forward to what my teachers (Pam Carriker and Dina Wakley) would be sharing. I knew there would be much to learn from both of them as their approaches to faces are completely different from each other. The classes were very inspiring and pushed me to do things a bit differently from my usual ways.

I took what I learned and here are two pieces I have done this week after returning home. My love for portraits (of real and imagined people) has been rekindled! Thank you Dina and Pam for sharing your talents and teaching such great classes!

 Acrylic, Stabilo All pencil, Dylusions spray ink, stencils, Montana markers,
collage, water soluable crayons in an 8x11 Dylusions Journal

Acrylics, Montana marker and  joint compound on an 8x8 wood panel 

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  1. The yes are really beautiful! I haven't given faces a proper try but I am inspired by yours, so I'll try again. Thanks :)