"The Four Owlets"
acrylic, crackle medium, colored pencil, gel medium transfer on 4x4 stretched canvas

These owls are a result of some random sketching. When I was finished I knew I needed to break them out of my sketchbook. I photocopied the drawings and prepped my canvas backgrounds with white gesso where I knew I wanted to place each wee owlet. The colored pencil work was done on top of the gesso and finished before the gel transfer was applied. There are some places where things are a bit off-register but that's okay by me. The edges of the deep canvas were finished off with collaged dictionary pages and a wash of coordinating acrylic paint.

After they were finished my husband looked at them and proclaimed they each resembled one of our daughters. (Yes, I have 4 daughters. Pray for me. Please.

Well now, that just made me love them even MORE!